Address the Elephant in Your Business  

Bad address data costs you money, customers & insight.  

The best way to deal with the elephant that takes up residence in every business is to name it and tame it! Bad data is bad for business – costing you 10-25% of revenue, along with poor analytics and unhappy customers. Melissa can help. Our address and data verification APIs keep valuable customer data clean and standardized. Sign up for a demo account and we’ll throw in a free pair of Elephant socks! 

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Melissa Data Quality Tools  

  • Verify, correct & standardize global address, name, phone and email in real-time so only the freshest data enters your database.  
  • Access location-based Web APIs that return lat/long coordinates, missing address components, and comprehensive mortgage and property info.  
  • Add consumer and business demographics, and easily perform KYC and ID Verification with our all-in-one verification and enrichment tool.  

*U.S. customers only.